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New Scenery Configuration Editor

Anonymous Posted: 05.06.2017, 20:57
Unregistered User Well, while I am on vacation, I am getting ready for my return and keeping up with the updates pertaining to P3D V4. Just to keep my fellow pilots informed, there is a new update for our favorite scenery manager program. Not sure how many of you have tried the original one with V4, but it does not work correctly. Please do not save your scenery.cfg file in V4 with it. The new one is here:

Scenery Configuration Editor 1.1.8 SNAPSHOT

Be sure to read any documentation and be especially sure to configure it for your sim of choice. Again I repeat READ any and all documents that accompany the install, it is VERY IMPORTANT.

Have fun flying!
Anonymous Posted: 06.06.2017, 00:28
Unregistered User Steve, thanks for the info and the tip, your wisdom and guidance are much appreciated! BUT you are supposed to be on vacation and slurping down mai tais!! Have a great time, don't forget the sunscreen and have a safe trip!
Warmest regards,
Scott Sinclair

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