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Lets play with a DC3

Anonymous Posted: 24.06.2008, 21:39
Unregistered User Today i have been bored, and i decided to go to Cali. with my rickety DC3. Figured i would make a senic trip from KTRM to KTRM :P as i hear that is close to Mikes (Westcoast) home.. Hope you all enjoy the grossly illegal flying, and the music as well.. Also. at the end, i kinda ran outa song.. and got tired of tryin to edit it so that the song would last the whole video, There is a fair amount of flight time edited out due to Youtube time constraints. Having said that... dont bash me too hard!! :P

- David

Westcoast Posted: 25.06.2008, 00:11


registered: Jan. 2006
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A masterful choice of aircraft, scenery and music (who's the soprano?); I enjoyed that a lot. I hide out in the mountains in the summer, but we were down in KTRM country today. It was a brisk 111 F, nothing like the 123 F we had last week. I have actually hiked a lot of the country you flew over; it's a great thing.


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Anonymous Posted: 25.06.2008, 00:39
Unregistered User The song is Schubert - Ellen dritter Gesang (Ave Maria).MP3 if u want i an send it via email or some other filetransfer service, but im sure you can find it out there if u realy wanted it :P its also the intro music for one of the Hitman games, and i belive its the music for the hit man movie.. not sure 100% tho.

I love doin things in FSX that are challenging, like tree hugging with the DC3, im thinkin my next little video i would like to do the grand canyon, but im sure thats been over done as far as videos go.. Maybe ill find a verry narrow canyon and run a helo thru it.. i duno... i am definately open to sujestions. i love a good solid challenge
Westcoast Posted: 25.06.2008, 01:04


registered: Jan. 2006
Posts: 999

Status: offline
last visit: 16.04.19

Right, "Ellens driiter gesang" which means Ellen's Third Song in German. You can read about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ellens_dritter_Gesang. It was not initially a setting of the latin Ave Maria, but it has been rendered that way because it begins with the words, Ave Maria. It perfectly embodies a sense of effortless flight above everything, so is perfect for this application. I still wonder who sang it.


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Anonymous Posted: 25.06.2008, 01:29
Unregistered User ""Ave Maria, performed by the Zurich Sängerknaben, with Daniel Perret as the soprano voice.""

Tats was slose to the bottom of the wiki, but it could be in refrence to a diffrent version.. not too sure.
Anonymous Posted: 25.06.2008, 01:31
Unregistered User Although less widespread in use, this set of lyrics received some attention due to its use as the theme song for the Hitman: Blood Money video game. A Latin version is used in the soundtrack for the Hitman movie (a film based on the video game franchise), sung by Christina England Hale. Contrary to popular belief, Jesper Kyd did not arrange either composition.

That is where i riped the MP3. from the Hitman video game.. so im prety sure that is the one done by Daniel Perret, now i am gonna go watch the movie for the soul purpose of listening to the music :p
YETIV8R Posted: 26.06.2008, 02:08


registered: Jan. 2006
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Great video David, great plane, great landing.

you da man. Looking forward to your another video of flying airplanes (not cars please :-D )

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Anonymous Posted: 27.06.2008, 01:47
Unregistered User Why thank you :D i am presently looking for some challenging locations to fly around in, if anyone has any sujestions, im open.
tbone-guy Posted: 27.06.2008, 05:48


registered: Nov. 2006
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If you go to [url]www.simtours.net[/url] You will find a very comprehensive overview of anything and everything in the flight sim world, I'm sure you'll find some challenging Locations there...

Cillian - SPA173

Fág an taobh salacha fút!
(Keep the Dirty Side Down!)
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