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Photo Gallery Helpful Hints

jer029 [12] Posted: 20.05.2018, 20:57

jer029 [13]

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As you know, the new gallery uses a separate user/password, and when your account was created it was set to your user name and suggested that you set your password in the gallery to the same password used for your SPA login.  That way you won't forget them as easily and have one less user/password combination to memorized or write down.  This also means that you can log in to the gallery to add your pics without being logged into SPA website.

Finally, in the event you forget your password, several pilots have fount the "forgot password" link to request a password change.  Unfortunately, many of these emails only go to me at webmaster email because that was the default email used for the gallery accounts when I created your user accounts there.  So...while I'll happily forward the new password request links to you or force a password change for you, you may want to take the time to visit your account settings in the gallery and change your email from 'webmaster' to your actual email so you can get those emails directly.

Great pics that have been posted there - too many to comment on, but many worthy of 'likes' (or comments to that regard), so pilots have been doing a good job of managing their photo albums without accidentally altering the albums of others (I think).



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