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Level-D 767 ILS Alignment Issues

jer029 [11] Posted: 25.06.2013, 08:28

jer029 [12]

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After scouring the various sites and reloading all parts of my FSX – at one point, reloading the entire thing – I think I finally found a problem with some of the ILS alignment – particularly with the Level-D 767.

The particular issue I was having appears directly related to the extreme wide angle views that I use. I originally used FSX in window mode, stretching it to the width of my three linked monitors. For unknown reason this seems to affect the ability of Level-D 767 to make the alignment properly with the ILS. The symptoms of this would be the plane initially appearing to lock on the localizer, but then drifting off the line, or flying parallel to the line. Sometimes at the last minute it might find it again, but then it was too late to make a reasonable correction to the runway. The PFD indicator needle for the ILS would end up at the extreme depending on which side of the track that the plane parallels. Additionally there was a similar disagreement between the compass and the PFD heading.

The solution I found was a combination of using wide-angle panel created by another simmer for the 767, but perhaps more importantly – using the FSX full-screen mode to fill my linked screens rather than the single, stretched windowed mode.

If this is in fact the issue with the Level-D 767 ILS alignment that some users have been suffering from, then perhaps this easy correction can save them some frustration. If it is the issue, it’s likely that various wide-angle settings can adversely and somewhat randomly affect ILS alignment – at least with the Level-D 767.

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