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southernmostWhat about a crossing from the southernmost point in Continental USA, Key West (Florida), all the way through the USA northernmost community, Barrow (Alaska). TOW
If you have the guts to take on the challenge, get your favourite single or twin props aircraft ready for it! Be aware that you might find on your way some really short airstrips. Thus it is suggested to choose an airplane with decent STOL ability. Using real weather, you can also come across some really bad conditions and/or low visibility. Therefore it is clearly advisable to check destination’s airstrip weather before takeoff...
SPA pilots who will complete all the 54 legs will have their name entered in a new Special Operations dedicated Hall of Fame. Just inform me after completion of the last hop to Barrow.

Key West is an island in the Straits of Florida on the North American continent at the southernmost tip of the Florida Keys. Key West is home to the southernmost point in the Continental United States; the island is about 90 miles (140 km) from Cuba.
Key West is politically within the limits of the city of Key West, Monroe County, Florida, United States. The city also occupies nearby islands and portions of nearby islands.

The island is about 4 miles (6.4 km) long and 2 miles (3.2 km) wide. In the late 1950s many of the large salt ponds on the eastern side were filled in, nearly doubling the original land mass of the island. The Island measures 3,370 acres (13.6 km2) in area.


Barrow with a population of four thousand is the northernmost community in North America. It is located on the Chukchi sea coast, 10 miles south of Point Barrow from which it takes its name. Barrow is 725 air miles from Anchorage and has an arctic climate.  The sun does not set between May 10th to August 2nd each year, and does not rise between November 18th to January 24th each winter. The daily minimum temperature is below freezing 324 days of the year.

Regularly scheduled jet services provide Barrow's only year-round access.  The State-owned Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport serves as the regional transportation centre for the Borough. The airport has a 6,500 foot asphalt runway.



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