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Beside our « specialized » bush & VFR sections covering some parts of the United States of America - such as Alaska, Hawaii, Seaplane Harbours or Cascades range -  I have decided to develop this department which will (in a near future) offer a total coverage of the entire continental USA.

Every leap is carefully selected and tested so as to offer to all those who like to fly “slow and low over the ground” the best possible landscapes and the most challenging flight conditions… especially if one choose to fly with “real weather” settings.

The first sector already available roughly covers a large part of the USA West Coast, the South-West, the Grand Canyon area and the Rocky Mountains.

The distance indicated on the schedule is a straight line distance, but in many cases (mountain area) it is not possible to realistically reach the airstrip without following valleys, thus flying a longer route. The flight times indicated are rough estimates based on the use of a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan but everybody is free to use his favourite props aircraft. Just keep in mind that some airstrips (marked in RED on the schedule) are really short and you need a “machine” with good STOL performance. It is also good to remember that you do not have to fly with full tanks on short hops, and the lighter your aircraft, the better its STOL capacity.

First sector, SACRAMENTO (Ca) round trip -  HERE

Second sector, from VANCOUVER, USA Northern Border coast to coast - HERE

Third sector, from CEDAR ISLAND, grass & dirt coast to coast round trip - HERE


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schedule 2

Grass & dirt USA coast to coast VFR from and to Cedar Island (North Carolina)

Cedar Island is an island and a small coastal unincorporated community in eastern North Carolina and some folks believe that the area has a connection to the Roanoke Lost Colony of the late 1500s. Cedar Island is located in Carteret County and was populated with local Native Americans prior to European settlers arriving sometime in the 1700s or possibly before.
With its untouched beaches and only 350 permanent residents, you won't find anything that resembles most beachfront vacation spots. The most striking feature is the miles and miles of deserted beach!! Where can you still find that? Imagine sunbathing on an uncrowded beach or letting your children play and swim in the water without worrying about dropoffs or undertow! You can surf fish, windsurf, and the new craze, kite boarding is very popular here or just go for a quiet stroll on the beach.

schedule 3
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