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“OLDIES”, a journey into St Paul Airlines VA’s history

Digging into the depth of St. Paul Airline’s old website’s forgotten folders and files, our webmaster, John, found lately quite a lot of unused material such as projects in development, web page’s embryos and a host of unused images and illustrations ready to be incorporated in still undeveloped hypothetic endeavors.
What could we do with this unused “material” deeply hidden in an old folder among literally thousands of files and images. That was the question!
Of course the simplest answer would have been: erase it!
But John and I, we both had a problem with this radical solution. We really hate to destroy other people’s job and, furthermore, we considered that these survivors of a bygone era were a part of the history of St. Paul Airline that began in 2004 and should therefore be kept, possibly in such a way that everybody could be able to enjoy these precious “oldies”.
After a fruitful discussion, the SPA management team (John, Mike and myself) agreed on a seemingly attractive solution.
Thus it was decided to make all these files available to the Special Operations department, with the mission to recreate and make available either the original programs (when it is possible) or using them to imagine new challenges in the spirit of former flight programs as offered by SPA.
A kind of rescue of our common heritage!

It will certainly be a long job, especially because the essential part of all this material is made out of loose pictures and almost no text or organized web page. But based on these documents, I will try to retrace and reconstruct what our predecessors had in mind.
But already the front gate to all these "Oldies" is this new page. It will regularly propose new challenges based on oldies that have disappeared from our website for a long time. A nostalgic trip back to yesterday’s St Paul Airlines. Let’s begin today!

For all these flights you should use the FLIGHT NUMBER 9OLDIES exclusively

So, gentlemen, here is our first challenge, enjoy a very detailed and well designed special operation (just click on the image below)

Designd by Rev. Gwen Brogmus in decembre 2007 (left SPA in 2008)


Next ones :



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