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New nepal
flag MYSTERIOUS NEPAL... Discover new horizon, fly over the huge Himalayan range to the top of the World, bump into the Yeti, follow strange remote valleys and come across grandiose panorama!
Yes, you are in Nepal... and from SPA’s bush hub in Kathmandu be ready to live great flying adventures.
Available for your enjoyment: exciting scheduled short flights available for STOL powerful high altitude propeller(s) aircrafts.

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Do not miss the Mount Everest tour. A real must in a SPA bush pilot career!

Takeoff from Lukla - VNLK

Turn immediately right, and follow the low elevation valley to the North and later to the North east. Climb to at least FL 290 if you want to cross the mountain. The highest point is at N27* 59.20' E86* 55.52'. Locate the point visually or press Shift+Z to see the current coordinates. Back to Lukla you may follow the same route that lead you to the mountain.

PIREP: Report this  flight under flight number 9HIMA and enter 1.5 hour as the flight time. That is: to report starting and arrival time, add 90 minutes to your starting time to get the arrival time.
 I.e. departure time 12:15 = arrival time to indicate 13:45
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