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Mexico VFR

Welcome to MEXICO where you will find beautiful landscapes and breathtaking VFR adventures!

From the vibrant colours woven into its textiles to the stunning hues of its landscape, from high mountain ranges that run right down to the ocean's edge to lush tropical jungles and high snow capped volcanoes, México is a land of sharp contrasts.
The original people of México had advanced knowledge of science, mathematics, astronomy and medicine. That past still permeates this land. It can be found in the traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. It lives on the arts and music. And in the peculiar philosophy about life and death that make the Mexican people so unique and so charming.
México has a wealth of natural and cultural resources due to the diverse climatic conditions and to a historic tradition of more than 3,000 years. This makes the country an ideal destination…

donkThis country is certainly not a typical bush flying playground as most airfields, even in small towns, have in most cases long asphalt runways which are never a problem for our single or twin propellers aircraft. But do not get it wrong… VFR flying using real weather can be very problematic in some Mexican region. Airfield situated at rather elevated altitude, narrow valleys surrounded by very high mountains, strong wind, adverse weather conditions and tricky approach can transform an easy looking short flight into a catastrophic or humiliating experience!

Try for yourself!

Please, be my guest and enjoy the full Mexican Tour from Tijuana to Tijuana (56 short legs, in most cases less than an hour) or choose any single hop to discover a specific area… Your choice!

Use any single or twin props engine. 
The approximate flight time indicated on the schedule has been established with a Cessna C208B Grand Caravan. It is just an hint and it can vary according to the performance of the aircraft used


Yoland Grosjean - Saint Paul Airlines  CEO & Special Operations Manager  Revised in Nov 2015

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