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SPA Misty Moorings division
Misty title
I am very pleased to announce a new development within the St. Paul Airlines "Bush & Special Operations Division"!

Approved by the members of the SPA management team, I have set up a partnership gentlemen-agreement with the "RETURN TO MISTY MOORINGS (RTMM)" organisation. Thanks to this important alliance, all SPA pilots involved in (or interested by) Bush Operations will now have the great opportunity to discover exclusive, very exciting and amazing low and slow flight adventures.

A few words about the RTMM organisation's website with which St Paul Airlines is now linked up:
The goal of the RTMM website is to give you, the users, the full experience of flying and boating in some of the most beautiful regions of North America. RTMM covers the entire Southeast Alaska "Panhandle" and a large part of British Columbia too. It also reaches up into parts of South Central Alaska and the Yukon Territory as well. Furthermore, it now also includes the starkly beautiful glacial areas above Stewart, BC.
A really great program for present and future bush pilots !

RTMM, like St Paul airlines, is a true freeware site and makes no profits from its activity … The team does it for the crowd of their friends in the flight-simmers community (you!) and above all for their own enjoyment.
By the way, and although several "payware" add-ons such as ORBX/FTX regions and another program by FSAddon are required to enjoy all the fun, be aware that neither SPA nor RTMM receive any remuneration from these companies.

To install and use  the free sceneries and add-ons developed by RTMM, the following pay programs are essential (total investment for all the 4 needed sceneries if you already have the required flight simulator U$ 128.65) :

Flight simulators :

FSX and ACCELERATION PACK on Amazon (U$ 31.00) or FSX on Steam (U$ 25.00 approx.)
or P3D V2 (Academic U$ 59.95)

Scenery regions :

Tongass Fjords by FSAddon (U$ 37.80)
Pacific Fjords by ORBX (U$ 24.95)  
Pacific Northwest  by ORBX (U$ 24.95)
Southern Alaska by ORBX (U$ 40.95)

Important, if the investment for all the four scenery regions add-ons is too expensive, with just the Tongass Fjords X and the Pacific Fjords by ORBX (U$ 90.95) you will already have access to 300 documented location of the RTMM program. But to have access to all the hundreds locations offered by RTMM you will need the four scenery regions (which can be installed later)

Of course these programs will be a great improvement "over all" to your present flight simulator's scenery and  will be usefull to improve all your flights in the regions considered.

Amazon Link    Prepar3D Link    ORBX Link    FSAddon Link

Important : if you are on this page for the first  time, please read it entirely so as to not miss important information.
Follow the direct link below to visit RTMM web site

link to misty moorings web site

Follow this link SPA Procedures to check the specific SPA procedures concerning the RTMM partnership

Read this message from Doug Linn Co-founder of Return to Misty Moorings


SPA RTMM procedures

  1. SPA pilots of any rank are allowed and encouraged to fly and report any flight of the Misty Moorings program.
  2. They can also organise and fly their own flight plan in this area using any or all the facilities provided by RTMM.
  3. The pilot will download all their required sceneries, add-ons, flight plans, etc. from the RTMM Web Site. Nothing will be available directly from the SPA site. Therefore I encourage all pilots concerned to regulary check the NOTAM's on the RTMM site.
  4. All flights and tasks performed as part of our RTMM operations department should be reported in your PIREP under the single mention of 9MIST (Manually or through FSACARS)
  5. RTMM offers a magnificent setting for multiplayers flights and they have interesting tours already organized. Our own facilities such as FSHOST and TEAMSPEAK 3 are fully operational for such flights and P3D V.2 can easily connect with other P3D V.2 simulators.
  6. Be aware that if you use real weather it could probably be very foggy in this misty region. Therefore direct approach over the mountains is frequently impossible and you will have to fly low and slow along the valley, checking your route on the map. PlanG is the great freeware to use in this case.
  7. One must also remember that in winter the daytime is very short up-North and if you are caught by the night the only issue is to reach a large and well lighted airport (hopefully not too far!).
These are just the basic information required to define how we are going to cooperate with RTMM. No need of further strict rules. Within the bush operations department we love to play in a great World of freedom and friendship.

For all other question, please refer directly to the RTMM Website. There are lots of information about the various sceneries and programs plus really very cooperative people available through the RTMM forum ready to help you.
Please do not hesitate to already register on this forum. I suggest that you sign your messages with your with your name or pseudonym + your SPA registration (i.e, Yoland SPA348). This way, on the forum, we will appear as SPA pilots.
We might also have our own SPA section in the forum for our specific questions related to our virtual airline relationship with RTMM programs so as to rapidly solve possible problems that I have not discovered yet.

Please, find below some extracts of the mail exchanges that I had with Doug Linn. This will give you a better idea on how we want to cooperate in the future.
"We can help you any way you need. You will see we have a "friends" page, we could highlight your site there (and would be pleased to do so) ... taking much of the wording for it from your site and then having links back to your site.  Multiplayer has come and gone and RTMM, we've never quite got it working. So it would be exciting to link up with your folks so the multiplayers at RTMM would have a place to "play." Also, you are free to encourage your folks to sign up over here (free) and use our forum any way they like...
You might want to think about a little signature sign for your folks, so when they are chatting over here, folks will know who they are...
when your folks hit a snag with P3D or FSX, you'll see we have some pretty smart people helping folks out of the problems they encounter. So your folks would be WELCOME to use those facilities as they needed them...
Every scenery location we have, including the cabins, has a map associated with it. So as you are looking for great flights, always click on the map to see if it is something your people would enjoy. Browsing the maps is something I'm trying to encourage everyone to try. If you have Plan-G, (free) your people can download the csv files for all of our locations to show up in Plan G. You can look for an interesting dot on the Plan-G map, then find the name of that dot (location), then go to where that locations is downloaded and look at the map and plan for the trip there.  Hopefully, if I've done my job, 99% of this work is all done for you.
My primary focus for RTMM is "From Here to There" (see web site).  We've got nearly 1000 scenery locations ... plenty, actually. So it isn't so much about building new locations for our people to fly to, it is getting people comfortable with flying to the ones we have.  You can see the new effort I've put into the "Here2There" page and I'm going to continue to expand that area making it easier and easier for people to focus on the journey rather than what is at the end of it...
Doug Linn...

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