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This is a big challenge… creating a Japanese VFR division (forget about bush flying!) in a country where I found only one and unique grass runway! Nevertheless I invite you to discover very attractive landscapes with high mountains near the ocean, volcanoes, very large metropolitan areas and the immensity of the sea.

I hope that you will enjoy this tour from the extreme Southern part of the country up to the utmost Northern point of Japan, just a few miles from the Russian Island of Sakhalin.

You will be brought as a passenger to the departure, Kerama Island, and you shall also return to your base after completing the tour, as a passenger from Wakkanai.

Please choose any single or twin props aircraft in your fleet so as to be able to fly low and slow, according to the Bush and VFR Operations philosophy.

And please, do not forget to sent your pictures to the web site


Yoland Grosjean - 2010 - Special Operations Manager - Saint Paul Airlines

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