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From SOUTH BIMINI to ISLA DE COCHE (VENEZUELA), I invite you for an incredible VFR tour through some of the World’s most beautiful landscapes! Take your favourite propeller's aircraft and overfly, at very low altitude, hundreds of amazing paradise islands! That's your job... who would complain about it?
Visit everything from the enigmatic Bermuda triangle to the Caribbean, through the Greater and Lesser Antilles, across the West Indies, and down south to tiny Venezuelan islands.
I tell you, this is a unique tour to enjoy “SEA, S…IMULATION and SUN”! And maybe the greatest Caribbean Tour ever conceived in this part of the World.
All the flights can be performed with the basic FS9 or FSX sceneries supply
But good scenery addons (ORBX, etc.) bring some more realism to the landscape.

You can fly the whole tour or just one or two legs, your choice.
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