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SPA Special Operations – Cargo & Freight Division

I am presently developing a new network of specific cargo & freight’s routes, all over the World, and spreading from specialized hub dedicated to this type of activity.
Simultaneously, thanks to the efforts and commitment of our webmaster & HR manager, John Rogers, who has conceived and installed a new flight reporting system, SPACARS, we now have an analysis system producing economic information about our flight’s operations.
This means for all of us that now SPACARS, beyond the usual flight and aircraft control reports, can also compute the cost and profit of each flight and thus establish an explicit statement presenting a financial outcome.

For full information about how to use this system, check the ECONOMICS section under MAIN MENU (SPA Home page).

As usual in St Paul Airlines, the use of this new tool is optional. We believe that it brings more to our hobby, but everyone is absolutely free to use it or not!
Yoland, SPA Special Operations manager

Links to our freight and cargo centers - new centers will be added periodically, thus check this page frequently

1 - KMSP - Minneapolis/St Paul
2 - PAKT - Ketchikan
3 - PANC - Anchorage

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