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Australia Tasmania
Around Australia & Tasmania VFR:
An extraordinary 15'000 nm round trip which will lead you to discover this fabulous Continent through many of its smaller and/or remote airfields!
Be aware that in such a big country, with a lot of flat land, you will not discover these very short “utterly bush” airstrips like in other area, such as Alaska, Nepal or the European Alps. But flying low, as real VFR implicates, you will come across surprising landscapes and also you wil experience the mysterious fascination of MMBA (Miles and Miles of Bloody Australia!).

Just choose your favourite "prop" aircraft and join the fun. You can fly all the 158 legs from Sydney to Sydney or only select one or two destinations on the schedule. Try to fly with real weather but the time and date is up to you...

Kangoo        Mornington

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