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Around Americas GT

A new tour that might well be the greatest-longest flight simulation challenge of all times! For those adventurous pilots who wish to break a record

Starting from Miami USA, this “enormous” tour will bring you all around both South and North America. I considered that following the coast line of this vast double continent was the right choice to fly over the finest landscape in both FSX and FS9.
Discover the tropical Florida and Caribbean skies before flying down to the Terra de Fuego (Land of Fire – Argentina/Chile), then up all along the South America’s West Coast up to Central America, Western USA, Canada, Alaska and back down to Florida, following the very densely populated US East coast.
Some relevant figures about this amazing aerial round robin: 200+ short hops, covering a total distance of roughly 26’000 nm; based on an average ground speed of 140 knots the total flight time needed to complete the whole tour reaches more than 185 hours.
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For this challenge you can use any single or twin props aircraft, your choice, but keep in mind that some destinations could only offer a rather short runway... or even a grass or gravel airstrip. Therefore, when preparing your flight, please check if your airplane has takeoff and landing performance complying with the runway size.
Furthermore one can easily imagine that St Paul Airlines, with its gigantic range of special operations missions, can make any aircraft available for you, on any airport. Consequently, as long as you stick to a single or twin props airplane, you are free to swap your aircraft for another one all along the way and as many times as you wish!. I considered that this opportunity shall make the SPA AMERICAN GRAND TOUR even more interesting by avoiding too repetitive procedures and giving every pilot the prospect of testing different planes along the way.

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Now you are almost done. 6 little hops more and you will be back in Miami !

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